OTN, a cryptocurrency that will alter the entire world. The way to get it?

The entire world of cryptocurrencies is growing at a quick pace. I dare to state 2017 was the year of cryptocurrencies. Eight years have passed since the first problem of bitcoin. On the other hand, the surface of forex markets has shifted over the period beyond recognition. As of current, cryptocurrencies constitute an inseparable part of trading currency pairs together with the entire market value worth hundreds of billions of dollars. There are hundreds and hundreds of various kinds of cryptocurrencies and new ones appear all of the time.
Hand in hand with the increasing amount of cryptocurrencies that the issue of the exchangeability has happened. The present means of exchanging currencies are far from ideal. A variety of cryptos should use a third party (intermediary). These third parties are obviously prone to fraud or being hacked. The character of trading monies as we see today is in resistance to the idea of decentralized foreign market.
The project called the Open Trade Network (OTN), established under the OTN Foundation has the ambition to change the present method of trading and trading cryptocurrencies. Like the Internet-connected different autonomous and computers networks to some World Wide Web, OTN is place to join remote blockchain networks. The objective of OTN will be to create a decentralized platform for trading.
Ambitious are large, investments enormous. To turn the strategy into reality, the OTN Foundation has come up with its own money to help kick off the job.
OTN tokens — that really is the question
OTN tokens (something such as OTN variant 1) must play an integral part in the growth of this Open Trade Network. However the OTN Foundation has dedicated to trade, following the initiation of the system, the OTN tokens for OTN coins (symbolizing the crypto from the genuine sense of the term ) in the speed 1 . The job has a solid associate, IQ Option, the planet ‘s top broker highly admired for its services from the trading of binary options along with other resources.
For the mining of OTN tokens, the function of IQOption is vital. The brand new crypto is only available to people who exchange cryptos with IQOption. The amount of tokens is dependent upon the amount of traded assets within the current seven days. The very first issue of OTN tokens happened on 16 October with the total amount of 350,000 tokens divided among 29 765 IQ Option customers.
The OTN Foundation intends to issue at complete 100 million exemptions. 21 percent of this amount needs to go to IQOption investors along with the remainder be split between OTN pockets, market holders and IQOption shareholders. Some area of the crypto ought to be kept for prospective investments.
Evolution of cost of OTN market since the production on 19 December 2017.
According to the chart, the purchase price of OTN exceeded before that the amount of 50 bucks. Now it’s stabilised around 12 bucks. Thus, we feel that the perfect time to purchase has just came. OTN Assets can be purchased at a crypto market or as an element of trading using IQ Option.
You Can Also get OTN tokens
There are two ways to get OTN tokens:
To purchase the crypto in a crypto market like Livecoin.net. ITN tokens were exchanged at 21 December 2017 in USD 8.9.
To begin trading cryptocurrencies using IQ Option. You certainly know this so as to take part in trading you need to pay some small fee. Dealers with IQ Option will find a benefit: 50% of this fee will be automatically converted to OTN tokens and moved into the wallet. Later on, you can exchange the tokens for bucks or keep them .
We believe that the opportunity to purchase has just came. Bear in mind, the mining possibility of OTN tokens is very likely to decrease in time. To receive exactly the identical amount later on will probably be more costly. Trading with IQOption doesn’t cost you considerably; the deposit is 10 bucks. The platform delivers a free demo-version test.
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