News: Regulations from the world of binary options

A number of you might have noticed that lots of interesting motions have been occurring in the world of binary options lately. The agent topbinary and a lot more centered on spotoption platforms have shut down the organization. Meanwhile, Spotoption, a platform supplier, was penalised EUR 50 000. After that, all agent contracts with Spotoption and platforms for both binary options trading have been cancelled and created no more accessible.
Additionally, we’ve received new information from Cyprus, Brussels, and London. Well, let’s take it piece by piece.
Spotoption behind agents shutting down their company
It’s not very good news, however it’s authentic. New agents are emerging while the previous ones are evaporating rather often. One reason is an innovative business, Spotoption bringing into the marketplace methods that allowed nearly everybody with some minimal (the necessary upfront investment has been estimated at EUR 40 000 EUR plus circa EUR 30 000 a month) to establish a broker organization.
In addition to reliable companies (for instance, bdswiss) you can see a good deal of “atypical” brokers using this platform. Since lots of those suspicious companies targetted US taxpayers, that was a massive problem, it was plausible to expect some response. So, the authorities and FBI shed light on the supplier of the stage, Spotoption. Soon after this crackdown by FBI looking for signs in the business ‘s head offices in Israel, Spotoption vanished from the market together with its stage offering conventional binary options.
With Spotoption no more in the marketplace, some agents such as exbino and bdswiss have in the meantime swapped their own platforms. The future of the business is gloomy. There are scores and scores of different agents facing the end of their presence.
Regulators flexing their muscles
Regulators have opted to place their hands on the binary options industry — all of the call facilities, Ponzi schemes and untrustworthy agents. At the moment, ESMA is collecting information about the binary options company from many sides. Negotiations have begun over what steps should be taken for binary options as a trading tool.
The authorities are thinking about these modifications. Source:
The above trimming shows two from numerous sweeping changes that the regulator are contemplating to take. These should primarily contain:
Ban or decrease in advertising, distribution, and purchase of binary options forex and CFD.
Complete ban on providing bonuses to traders
Loss of greatest leverage to 1:50
My private opinion is that automated binary options or forex trading is going to be illegal. Still, the new regulations will significantly restrict the connection between the dealer and the agent, a step that has to have been taken quite a while ago.
If the authorities produce a tool to prevent fraudulent schemes like The Brit Method? Each of the bizarre and unreliable agents utilizing the Spotoption platform, who’ll no more be permitted to offer their small business, will partially resolve the issue.
What to do today?
If you would like to take part in trading, then nothing is going to prevent you out of it. At this time, I must mention that agent IQ Option hasn’t had any legal troubles or issues with dealers. Over 30 million dealers are trading together with no issue whatsoever. And even when binary options trading has been prohibited by authorities, IQ Option will nonetheless give you trading cryptocurrencies, shares and forex.
Right now, the only practical and recognized agents of binary options would be: