3 reasons why People do Not recommend to Trade with TopOption

A number of you’ve surely noticed that in xbinop.com, we shifted our view concerning TopOption broker. This broker was the very best in 2014, however it turned into an normal agent in 2015 and through the year 2016, they had been on our listing of good brokers simply because numerous traders enjoyed it. I didn’t even use this broker for trading and I used this broker just for a few trades per year.
But we have now definitively deleted this broker from our list of recommended brokers. It is because of the way the broker behaves. Don’Can you understand what we’re speaking about? I prepared a brief informational article that explains what had occurred. Just read!
1st reason: Their Customer Care
The very first explanation is its very disagreeable customer care. In reality, the customer service is quite great for you, but only in the event that you play by their own rules. All agents want you to deposit your own cash in their webpage, that’s for certain. However, what this agent does is something terrible.
This agent, following my inactivity, canceled my accounts and this has happened twice . I started a new one — I’ve done a hundred times with all kinds of different agents, therefore it’s nothing special for me personally. Then I wished to make a deposit, but I couldn’t- my card was getting declined. After a while, I received a call from a woman. It was very pleasant to talk to her but she couldn’t help me with my issue so that we gave it up together with the decision that we were going to try it tomorrow.
Since then she called me like 5 times and she’d likely keep calling until now if I hadn’t blocked her number in my mobile phone. Throughout the discussions, she had been telling me things such as: ‘If you don’t create the deposit, then I’ll order the cancellation of your accounts. ‘ She also said I stole her time and money (I think that TopOption pays their customers for the people that they persuade to make the deposit, which is against the rules of CySEC) and she said I was a terrible person, etc..
I don’t believe this is the ideal way to take care of your clients. By way of instance, the iqoption agent doesn’t call their customers at all — and I think it should be that way.
2nd reason: The case of a robbed Czech trader
One of the traders (I will not name any names) who traded with TopOption had earned really good money. From his initial deposit of 100 , he made 11,670. However, something happened that no one had expected. From one day to another, the trader lost all his money.
The broker probably did not want to pay that much money to the trader, so they decided to intervene. They just unexpectedly deleted all the money from the trader’s account. And that includes his original deposit of 100 . You can find more information regarding this matter in our updated TopOption review. Also, you canlook in the comment section to find some opinions of real traders.
Comments of real traders just like you. Do you still want to trade with TopOption?
3rd reason: A horrible platform
Since I started writing the content of xBinOp.com, this broker changed their platform 3 times. And I don’t imply updating to a more recent version, I suggest directly up with an entirely different platform.
But that’s not all. The direction of this company has shifted 3 times. There are countless changes in terms and conditions and also a great deal of irregularities. It’s correct that people used to urge this agent earlier, since we thought it was a misunderstanding. Regrettably it seems it wasn’t.
Their very last stage I don’t like at all. It looks interesting, but that’s it. To be honest, I think it is completely useless and slow. The worst thing is that even to choose the assets, it takes up to ten seconds. Very often you can’t start your position along with the expiry of your transactions takes more than it needs to.
Read the remarks of actual traders since you below the review and inform us your view too.
Overview and consequences
Regrettably, as shown by a questionnaire that we chose, there are lots of traders using this agent to exchange. I’d be glad if there were not any new dealers who enroll with this agent. I believe they’re making bad choice for themselves.
Please discuss this article with your buddies the agent eventually closes down and ceases doing what they’re doing lately. For your group OpceBinarni, Thank you!!!